Virtual Tour of Sydney

A virtual tour, viewed from any device, from anywhere in the world.
Duration: 2 – 20 minutes
Cost: FREE

Sydney is alive and kicking, and we can’t wait to show you the best of it. Check out our informative Virtual Tours to help you stay engaged with our beautiful city until you can physically be here again.

Enjoy watching all of our tours at your leisure ‘virtually’ as we produce a series of short snap shots of how each of them unfold.

Sydney is a city of villages and has a marvelous story. Our restaurants, bars and cafes offer world class dining with delicious local produce and we love showing it all off. Sydney may not be known for ‘the arts’ but it is rich and diverse and incredibly inspiring.


The Story of Sydney – The Story of Sydney takes you on an intimate journey through Sydney from 1788 to today. You will discover the history, lifestyle and culture of the many diverse neighbourhoods 

The Taste of Sydney – Each of the four precincts visited are a buzz of activity. If you are after a fun and entertaining day out, with plenty of delicious food and drink to devour, then this is the tour for you.

The Art of Sydney –  Gain a perspective of a truly sophisticated and creative city. Gain an understanding of Sydney’s identity and quality of life through arts and culture.

Rags to Riches Culinary – If you are looking for a walking, food and history tour that immerses and defines Sydney’s lifestyle and culture then this is the tour for you

The Hunter Valley Bush Immersion and Wineries – The Hunter Valley is a magnificent Australian bush-land escape only 2.5 hours from Sydney. Whether you choose to travel for the day or an entire weekend, we promise you will love it.

The Blue Mountains Nature Discovery – A pristine immersion into crisp, clean environment of the Australian bush and all of the gems that make up the Blue Mountains National Park. You will love it.

We are passionate about showing off the best of Sydney, and we want to stay fresh for when you can physically be here again. We invite you to join US (Ultimately Sydney) virtually.

While we wait for the day that you can join US in person, we want to keep you connected to our wonderful city with engaging, informative and fun 30 minute LIVE Virtual Tours for you to attend from anywhere in the world.

Whether you’re traveling on a bus or train, sitting in your lounge room, on a park bench or on your lunch/dinner break, you can be with us right here in fabulous Sydney. How cool is that…!

Traveling with US on a virtual tour will be like you are here, except you’ll be somewhere else like outback Australia, Central Park – New York or on the top of a mountain in France somewhere.