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January 31, 2017
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May 14, 2017

5 Reasons Our "Story of Sydney" Tour is Sydney’s Best Bus Tour

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We are pretty proud of our flagship tour, The Story of Sydney, and we reckon it is a hot contender for Sydney’s best bus tour – if we do say so ourselves!

Why, I hear you ask?  There are 5  main reasons…

1) We tell it like a story (hence the name!)

Nobody wants to be inundated with dry and dusty facts, dates and names in a way that’s reminiscent of a high school history lecture.  Especially not when you’re on holidays!

Our ‘Story of Sydney’ half day bus tour is full of curious and interesting little anecdotes about our wonderfully colourful city, all expressed by our enthusiastic guides in their own special ways.  This isn’t Sydney’s best bus tour for no reason – this is a colourful retelling of how Sydney came to be in the first place, and the intriguing characters who’ve contributed to our narrative.

2) It’s the perfect length for a bus tour

Through trial and error, we’ve found that 3 – 3.5 hours is about how long most people can remain enthusiastic and interested about sight-seeing.  On your own, in a rental car or by public transport, you’d be able to achieve almost nothing in this time frame due to parking, traffic and needing to navigate an unfamiliar city, but with all of those complications deleted, we’re able to cover a surprising amount of ground and see all the key sights.

It’s the perfect length to show off Sydney’s highlights, and leave you with a list of ‘must return to’ spots for another day.

3) We visit BOTH sides of the Bridge

We don’t feel like we could call it ‘Sydney’s best bus tour’ if we didn’t include a visit to the North Shore of Sydney.

Offering the opportunity to look down upon the CBD and Sydney Harbour from a higher vantage point means you get a real feel for where each famous icon sits within the city, and gives wonderfully fresh perspectives of the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and more.

4) Sydney’s best BUSES

Our premium vehicles are quite simply, the best money can buy – they safely sit at the deluxe, celebrity-worthy end of the mini bus spectrum!

Air-conditioned comfort, deep plush seats with seat-belts, tinted windows, a mini fridge if needed for storing food you may buy and free bottled water all contribute to the high level of comfort you’ll experience on our ‘Story of Sydney’ bus tour.

Trust us, your bottom will thank you!

5) Sydney’s best bus tour + Sydney’s best beaches

We somehow make time to duck over to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, to visit the magnificent and globally famous Bondi Beach.

But we don’t stop there.  We also call past Bondi’s stunning little brother, Bronte, and get a view of several of our quieter harbour beaches and bays as well.  We believe there’s simply no way you can run a Sydney half day bus tour – and call it comprehensive – without going to a beach!


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