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June 2, 2017
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August 15, 2017

Taste of Sydney – Precincts Tour – Our First Review

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This week we ran our FIRST Sydney’s Hottest Precincts public tour.

Here’s what one happy tour guest had to say about the experience!

“Normally I am not one to jump online & talk about a company, but today has to be an exception as I am on the way home after a 6 or so hours with Ultimately Sydney Tours.
From the moment we met at the designated time & place it was an EXPERIENCE.
An experience I will never forget.
We got to our first adventure which was The Cannery at Rosebery where we got the opportunity to walk through by ourselves to check out different stores but then had what I would call lunch as there was plenty of tucker to go around for all at Three Blue Ducks which by the way was AMAZEBALLS as they use the freshest produce to make wholesome & tasty meals.
Afterwards was Archie Rose Distilling Co. …and can I just say WOW!!! The Vodka, The Gin…The flavours were FANTASTIC & the service was way up there with a great price range & fully stocked bar for all to enjoy.
We made a quick stop at Joe & The Juice fueling up on some tantalising juices, or if coffee is your thing it will be the best coffee in Sydney you will come across!
Just a hop, skip & jump on the way at Barangaroo was Banksii Vermouth Bar & Bistro where you can dine in or on the waterfront taking no note of the weather as it’s beautifully undercover keeping you from the elements with heaters to keep you warm….
….You will find a wide selection of Vermouth and have a pleasure of tasting whilst on Ultimately Sydney Tours which matches PERFECTLY with the Salmon & Tasting of food Banksii have to offer!
Now something that you DON’T see everyday or even get the opportunity to do in your lifetime is have a beer & snag from The Butcher and The Farmer and something you don’t see everyday KANGAROO SALAMI….all on a refurbished TRAM!!!!
100% highlight for myself on Sydney’s Hottest Precincts Tour where you’ll also have a walking tour through TRAMSHEDS and learn some more of Sydney’s History.
Spice Alley is a short 5 minute walk from Central Train Station but one that is easily missed unless you take up this tour. They have a cashless alley (paywave) of different Asian Cuisines that have an amazing atmosphere & delicious smells that make you feel as if you have left Sydney & ended up offshore in Vietnam…
…from Dumpling & Rice & Chicken washed down perfectly with Iced Tea on this tour.
Last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, a 6 Wine Tasting Masterclass at Hand Picked Wines which makes you feel so classy & elegant, trying new wine with a great presentation as to where the company was established to where they sell their product around the globe.
Our tour guide knows her stuff when it comes to Sydney’s History also all the new up & coming locations Sydney has to offer.
This tour would suit as a perfect Birthday, Christmas or Anniversary present….or even just to find all the little knick knacks Sydney is hiding for yourself!
Definitely worth the Price Tag as this day & experience is one that will be hard to forget!
HIGHLY recommend & Thank you very much Ultimately Sydney Tours.”

Amy Schembri, Sydney.

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