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REVIEW: Sydney’s Hottest Precincts – The Must-See Food Tour in Sydney
September 1, 2017
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May 15, 2019

REVIEW: Afternoon Food Tour with Ultimately Sydney

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We spotted another fabulous review this week from a visitor who joined us on our Sydney’s Hottest Precincts tour, though once again it is in French, so we’ve taken the liberty of translating it for you into English!

If you can read French and would like to read the original review, you can find it right HERE.

Sightseeing Sydney in 5 days: my first steps

…”I was invited to test the latest creation of Ultimately Food Tour Sydney : the Sydney’s Hottest Precincts . It is a foodtour outside the city center, in less touristy neighborhoods and with known addresses often than locals. Enough to take full eyes and full of taste buds right from the start of my trip to Sydney.

It is in mini-van of any comfort that our group of 13 people leaves for our first stage. After a few minutes crossing different districts and suburbs of Sydney, we arrive at the Cannery.

1st stop: the Cannery

It is a completely renovated old factory which includes a foodcourt, restaurants, a cooking class, a distillery, in short the paradise of gourmets and gourmets.

The places are absolutely magnificent: the metal structures of the time, mixed with the modern style of today. I feel like home! It’s really nice to visit Sydney by discovering such places.

1st stage: taste the fresh and homemade granola.

It is in the small shop of 80/20 that I discover the different mixtures of Granola. I admit that in general, I am not a fan of everything that is muesli or granola but this one is just excellent. After all, it’s good to (re) taste food at the end of the world. It can trigger cravings!

2nd stage: Three Blue Ducks

The Three Blue Ducks restaurants are two in Sydney. One at the Cannery and the other in the city center. Here, all dishes are cooked based on fresh products and only with slow cooking to not denature the food.

The decoration and ambience of the room are in perfect harmony with the dishes. Big blow of heart for the grilled vegetables and their hummus which still gives me the water to the mouth.  Pity not to stay any longer as all the dishes look very good. A good address to keep under the elbow in Sydney.

3rd stage: the distillery reborn in Sydney

I discovered the distillery Archie Rose in a cellar and shade. This is a new distillery in Sydney that takes over the torch, after many years without any such plant in the city.

You can enjoy 4 strong alcohols of their own. It is a stop for the great lovers of digestives who will appreciate the subtleties of such alcohols. For the novice that I am, I was a little dropped. But I enjoyed the vodka!

2nd stop: Barangaroo near Darling Harbor

Small tour of mini-van to get closer to the city center. Here, the neighborhood is still under construction but it is clear that the city wants to modernize the docks and docks. Modern buildings have just emerged from the ground just a few steps from the bay.

First, a good fresh juice at Jo & The Juice

It is thanks to the foodtour that I discover Jo & The Juice and its subtle blends of fruits. All sound perfectly well but I would stay on the safe values ​​of passion, fishing and orange juice. It is fresh, refreshing, without pulp and for a good quantity. Again, a good address to keep under the elbow while visiting Sydney.

Besides, I will find another shop Jo & The Juice closer to home, which will satisfy my desires for fresh fruit!

Then, restaurant overlooking the harbor and Vermouth in all dishes

We simply walk the street to the Barangaroo docks and the Banksii restaurant.

Here, one of the chef’s specialties is cooking in Vermouth. After tasting this very French alcohol in a glass, I confess not to have appreciated too much. When I saw the salmon tartar and tomato compote come, I was in awe.

My disappointment came when I discovered that all are cooked with Vermouth. For me, that does not happen! Too bad because on the plate it was superb!

3rd stop: the old Sydney Trams Station

Head to TramSheds Harold Park. We again plunge into a renovated building with taste. The atmosphere and charm of this old train station of the city, mixed with all the modernity of today. I am a fan and it is really a good plan to visit Sydney with locals to discover such places!

We will pass quickly through a small organic confectionery shop and especially without sachet. The chocolate without additive is just to fall on the ground (and then the chocolate, it always does good!).

Then, aperitif at the Butcher and the Farmer

Then we go to The Butcher and the Farmer to have lunch in a tram car. Enough to be in the atmosphere of the place!

This is a deli board with fresh bread and sausages of all kinds. Good aperitifs to share around local beers. Again a nice address to keep for my next getaway!

4th stop: Spice Street and the wine cellar

First, let’s start exploring Sydney through Spice Street

For our last stop, we are a few blocks from the city center and yet here, I feel like I am in Vietnam! The street, the decoration, the atmosphere, everything is made to recall the small streets of Asia. Along Spice Street, various street vendors: Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Honk-Kong … In short, there really is for all tastes.

And if you want to settle down, you only have to find a small place in the building opposite where the tags and minimalist Asian decoration await you. She is not beautiful life?

Finally, wine tasting in a famous wine cellar of Sydney

We will finish the tour with a wine tasting (white, rosé, red and champagne) at Handpicked. Here there is something for everyone, even if I have a strong preference for rosé. Accompanied by a sommelier, we discover the areas of wine production in Australia as well as the origins of all the wines. Finally, a great experience to discover Australia and visit Sydney!

Finally, my record of this first day in Sydney

End of the turn on this pretty touch. It is almost 17H. I returned to my apartment delighted with this experience and all the good things I ate. I can only advise this tour to connoisseurs (wine or digestive) or gourmet (kitchen in Vermouth …). In any case, it’s a great way to get started in a city like Sydney!

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