Letter From The Founder

Hello and welcome,

“Let me show you my backyard” – this is what I tell every visitor and even our very own Sydneysider who has the opportunity to take a day off.

I’ve seen and toured my city a million times and each time I do it, it feels like I’m doing it for the first time, because I’m seeing Sydney through your eyes.

Every person I meet that travels to a new and foreign city wants nothing more than an experience that will have them ‘living like a local’. Visitors want to live an authentic city where they can see, feel and experience the true pulse. They want an experience that brings their guide book to life, an experience that is only truly possible when engaged with a human element.

I understand that people want value for money. They give us a commitment of their time and are willing to trade it for an experience in a brand new place. Many of us want to experience travel emotionally, psychologically and sensory. As travellers it gives us a great sense of satisfaction forging lasting memories and plenty of stories to tell when we get back home.

When you travel with me and my family at Ultimately Sydney, you will be a part of something real, something that we’ve created for you. Every tour will connect you to the city of Sydney and no matter how overwhelming it may seem as a first time visitor, our knowledgeable, enthusiastic guides will have you experience it all with ease.

“What ultimately satisfies me is very simple. Connecting people”.

When I meet new people, I want to show them my perspective of the world I live in. I am always looking for fun, new ways to impress and inspire. I want you to appreciate the comforts and challenges our city faces through dialogue, culture, food, hanging out with like minded people and to create new connections.

At Ultimately Sydney we are pioneering this space by taking ‘touring Sydney’ to an entirely new level.

With Ultimately Sydney you will never experience sitting on a bus with recorded commentary.

We are story tellers. We’ll weave you into the pulse of the city, new and old. We will bring your travel article to life so you can fully appreciate the pulse and passion of Sydney today. That’s what you will get in my Sydney, in my back yard.

I can’t wait to meet you.

Helen Fraser